Terms & Conditions of 1st Timer Trading-Bonus (No Deposit from Clients Required)

Key Points

  1. The Trading Bonus is a credit facility in the amount 50 USD.
  2. Profit will be unblocked for withdrawal once min required terms are met.
  3. Once the first attempt for profit withdrawal is confirmed by the Client, The Trading Bonus will be removed from the Client’s account.
  4. Bonus duration is 90 calendar days.
  1. General terms

    1. The “1st Timer Trading-Bonus” promotion (hereinafter called Trading Bonus) is held by 4Xhub (4XHUB LIMITED (MY), hereinafter Company)
    2. The Trading Bonus Terms and Conditions is an integral part of the 4Xhub (4XHUB LIMITED (MY)) Business Terms and Policies and provisions set herein are considered as an annex of all 4Xhub (4XHUB LIMITED (MY)) Business Terms and Policies.
    3. 4Xhub reserves the right to change the terms of the promotion.
  2. Participants

    1. The Trading Bonus is a special credit facility for new 4Xhub clients. No deposit from clients is required to earn the trading bonus.
    2. The Trading Bonus is for introductory purposes and only for new clients from non-restricted countries, who opened a live trading account with 4Xhub (4XHUB LIMITED (MY))
    3. Only verified users can participate in the promotion. For verification, a user should verify his/her email, and upload his/her Identity Document and Proof of Address to the client zone. The Company reserves the right to require additional documents for identification.
    4. The Trading Bonus can be used for trading only. Withdrawals and internal transfers of the Trading Bonus to other accounts of the Client are not allowed.
  3. How to receive the bonus

    1. The Client receives a trading account number automatically after having registered successfully.
    2. The Trading Bonus is granted automatically, provided all the required conditions are met.
    3. The Trading Bonus can be used for the period of 90 calendar days from the day of crediting it to the Client's Account. After the 90-days period is over, the Trading Bonus gets deducted from the account, as well as unclaimed profits gained with the aid of this bonus.
    4. The Minimum required traded Lot size to withdraw the profits is 10 micro lots (0.1 standard lots). Once the first withdrawal is made, Trading Bonus will be deducted from the Client's Account.
    5. All profits earned with the aid of the Trading Bonus are deemed to be null and void, if the account holder has provided incorrect, false or misleading information during the registration process.


At all times, 4XHUB LIMITED (MY) reserves the right to amend, change or cancel this promotion without any prior notice to current or prospective promotion participants.

“New Client” – An individual or corporation who, at the time of enrolment into this Promotion, does not have any live accounts or earlier registrations in the Client Zone at 4Xhub.

“Company” – 4Xhub (4XHUB LIMITED (MY)), registered at Kensington Gardens, No U1317, Lot 7616, Jalan Jumidar Buyong, 87000 Labuan F.T., Malaysia..

“Existing Client” – An individual or corporation who, at the moment of enrolment into this Promotion, has, or earlier was in possession of, any of the following accounts:
  • Registration in the Client Zone of 4Xhub;
  • Real trading account (currently active or deactivated).;

“Participant” – An user who applied for the bonus.