About Us

4Xhub was conceived of in order to bring aggregated institutional liquidity sourced from all major liquidity providers and execution venues to match the demands of any type of trader.

The principals behind this business originate from a blend of institutional, professional and retail firms and their clients ranged top tier institutional and retail clients from the Asian and European region to professional asset managers and algorithmic trading system developers.

We concentrate on providing FX focussed products to ensure that we can deliver the highest quality of execution services in products that we have a proven track record in delivering on over many decades.

As a firm we operate an agency only execution model and do not hold opposing positions to clients to ensure that our interests do not oppose that of our clients so as not to create a conflict of interest.

All client orders are routed through our aggregation engine where all our liquidity sources compete for your business on an equal basis.

We have no preferential arrangements with any of our liquidity providers for order matching unless we agree a bespoke solution with you, or client, in advance.

Our infrastructure is best in breed and is co-located with our liquidity sources to minimise latency.